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Multiply your Prospects: 5-15 Qualified Calls per month (You Pay Only For Shows)

Guarantee high quality leads, with your Ideal Prospect in 90 days, or you don’t pay.

MarketFlow - Webflow E-Commerce Marketing Website TemplateMarketFlow - Webflow E-Commerce Marketing Website Template

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What differentiates us?

What makes us different from the competition


no unpleasant retainers — only pay for leads that result in sales calls! Budget-friendly methods for maximum ROI.

Our Solution

Our solution combines Cold Email and LinkedIn to maximize campaign     effectiveness that leads to prospects who convert to paying customers.

High-Quality Leads

Up-to-date information gathered from more than 15 sources guarantees leads that are highly focused and more likely to result in sales.

Data-Driven Insights

Campaign optimization, ongoing analysis, and real-time modifications based on performance.

Industry-Beating Engagement Rates

Make sure your message reaches your target audience and lands in the inbox at a greater rate than that of the industry standard.

Cutting-Edge AI Personalization

Make sure your message reaches your target audience and lands in the inbox at a greater rate than that of the industry standard.

MarketFlow - Webflow E-Commerce Marketing Website Template
MarketFlow - Webflow E-Commerce Marketing Website Template

What makes us different from other B2B Lead Gen Agencies?


Multiply Prospects

Other Lead Gen Agencies

Pay-Per-Show Model

Comprehensive Market Research

Data-Driven Optimization

AI-Enhanced Lead Generation

Use of 15+ Data Sources for Lists

Multi-Channel Approach

Industry-Leading Engagement Rates

Personalized Emails

Transparent Feedback & Accountability

Do you wants results like these?

13 Prospects interested in 12 days

19 Prospects interested in 2 weeks

18 Prospects interested in 2 weeks

46 Prospects interested in 4 weeks

65 Prospects interested in 3 weeks

And replies like these?



Initial Consultation

Arrange a call to talk about your lead-generating objectives and difficulties.


Tailored Proposal

Obtain a personalized proposal detailing our approach to meeting your company's objectives, along with clear pricing information.


Agreement and Setup

In order to guarantee a smooth transition, quickly finalize agreements, conduct strategy calls, and set up systems.


Campaign Launch

Once everything is set up, we carefully consider, create, and implement your AI-powered LinkedIn and email lead generation campaigns, resulting in qualifying pay-per-show sales calls that you receive each month.

MarketFlow - Webflow E-Commerce Marketing Website Template
MarketFlow - Webflow E-Commerce Marketing Website Template

What's included?

Strategy and Lead Generation:

Combines client offer analysis, market research, and personalized content creation for email and LinkedIn, using insights from strategy discussions and extensive audience segmentation.

Email and LinkedIn Automation:

Focuses on configuring automation tools for streamlined campaign management across email and LinkedIn platforms.

Optimization and Feedback:

This involves A/B testing and campaign adjustments for improved performance, including biweekly strategy calls and weekly reports to ensure continuous enhancement of strategies.

Talk to us!

Meet our Team

During a period of personal sadness, I discovered a deep value in my mother's parting words when she passed away from cancer in 2016. She advised me to live life to the fullest and positively impact others. I have more than five years of experience in the M&A industry. I have first-hand experience with employing lead generation companies and paying lengthy retainers for minimal results. That is when I decided to master this craft, which led to significant success personally and gaining the praise of my peers. Motivated by this accomplishment, I set up Multiply Prospects to help other companies. Finally, I donate a portion of the company’s profit, once a quarter, to charities that are dear to my heart. 

Christos Gregoriou - Founder of Multiply Prospects
MarketFlow - Webflow E-Commerce Marketing Website Template

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pay-per-show model work?

Only the actual sales calls are paid for by the clients. This ensures that you’re only investing in prospects that have demonstrated a genuine interest in your services.

How does Multiply Prospects ensure the quality of the leads generated?

We use a highly targeted approach to identify and engage with prospects who are likely to convert into customers. To guarantee quality, authenticity, and relevance, our team works with more than fifteen sources.

What industries does Multiply Prospects cater to?

We only collaborate with B2B businesses that are committed to growing their income and have a minimum yearly turnover of 150k.

What level of communication and support can I expect from Multiply Prospects?

We place a high value on open communication and committed one-on-one client support. You can anticipate receiving timely answers to your questions during your engagement with us.

Can I track the performance of my lead generation campaigns?

Naturally, we offer frank reporting on the effectiveness of our efforts, along with open and reply rates. This enables you to keep an eye on how well our services are working and decide on your marketing plan with knowledge.

Does cold email and LinkedIn Lead Generation still work in 2024?

Absolutely!, with the advancements in AI, and personalization approach, this along with all the best practices ensures results.

How does Multiply Prospects ensure GDPR Compliance?

We take GDPR compliance and data protection very seriously. GDPR compliance means that all parties engaged in our lead generation marketing have their privacy rights and personal data protected.

MarketFlow - Webflow E-Commerce Marketing Website Template